The Mighty Chief

Many years ago I received a call from Betty Freeman of the West Alabama Humane Society.  They had pulled a starved yellow lab from the local high kill shelter who was terrified of people.  I had been fostering one dog at a time for over a year for them and Betty told me I was Chief’s only chance.  So off I went and brought home this beautiful terrified yellow lab who was so skinny it was heartbreaking.  I let him go in my fenced in back yard and was unable to touch him for a few weeks.  He would watch me with my dogs but had been so horribly abused he was afraid to come near people.    Six months after I took Chief in we walked into Christ Episcopal for the blessing of the animals.  Everyone with the Humane Society was shocked at the transformation.  Chief sat and let the priest bless him. For years I had been saying “someone has to do something about all the animals dying in shelters in the south”.  Chief showed me that I was someone and that I could do something.  Chief will be 8 years old this year.  He still lives with me.  I promised him that no one would ever hit him in anger again as long as I had a breath left in my body.   Chief has taught me forgiveness, unconditional love, and patience.   He allowed me to see that 1 person can make a difference if you put your heart into it.  I’m proud to say that hundreds of dogs have been pulled from high kill shelters and are now in homes because Chief showed me that I can make a difference.  I love this big dog sprawled across my floor more than words can express.  I get up in the wee hours of the morning to work in the kennels because there are so many Chiefs in our shelters and so few rescuers to save them.  Thank you Chief for saving so many lives!  Please don’t leave me anytime soon!



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