My Plot of Earth and ONE Person

My plot of earth would be used to save 1000’s of lives.  I know you are all going “is she for real-what can ONE person do?”  ONE person can get up one morning and decide to be the difference you want to see happen in your world.  ONE person can take that small plot of land and put housing, electrical, water on it.  That ONE person can then go to the local kill shelter (did you know over 5000 dogs a year die in Tuscaloosa alone because there are not enough homes for them?) and offer to partner with them to house dogs until good homes can be found.  That ONE person can then contact shelters in other parts of the country that have a shortage of dogs (yes, these areas do exist) and make arrangements with your financial freedom to get them to these areas.  That one person can take that small plot of earth and some of their financial resources and launch a media campaign to get tougher spay and neuter laws passed so that 100’s of innocent puppies and dogs aren’t killed daily in southern shelters.  I know what ONE person can do with a small plot of earth.  I am that ONE person.  I sold my home and moved out to the country and I have not saved 1000’s yet but I am almost there.  Just imagine what could happen if just a couple more people decided ONE person could be the difference they want to see happen.


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